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    Default Looking for freelance assignments


    I'm Java developer, with over 4 years professional experience, in developing of web applications based on J2EE/JEE architecture.

    I'm looking for freelance (remote work) assignments. I'm diligent and timely manner.

    If you interested of my professional career, please consider my LinkedIn profile: Dawid Maksylewicz - Poland | LinkedIn

    On demand, I can provide more detailed CV.


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    Default Still looking for the Developers


    I am Sidhdharth Vora. I am an IT Engineer. I am Freelance and Business Developer of my own firm.

    I am looking some work from foreign. I have team for the JAVA, .Net and PHP with Designer. I am from India. My company name is EmpiricalWebtech. The company owner is Amit Mistry is my partner.

    Contact me:

    Thanks for your supports.

    Yours Truly,

    Sidhdharth Vora.

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    You guys could actually advertise yourselves in various outsourcing sites like:
    1. oDesk
    2. Elance
    3. Freelancer
    4. vWorker
    5. Guru
    6. Scriptlance

    These are legitimate sites so don't ever think you don't get paid -,-

    "Guaranteed work, guaranteed payment"

    So you really have to work =) but hey! It's quite difficult to be landing your first freelance jobs because of competition so I suggest you just have to bid reasonable on posted jobs/projects and just work on simple jobs for now. When you've done your job well, most probably you'll get good ratings and feedback - these are actually what most contractors check when they hire people offshore.

    For more info on the outsourcing sites mentioned above you can read this article:
    It also gives ideas on how contractors effectively hire people.

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