Looking for a Java programmer to make me a program/script it'll need to be able to do the following

1. Runtime 24/7 meaning it'll have to constantly check if some of the processes are down
2. Check if my VPN is down if it is shutdown the other program that im running ( meaning that the script will work with 2 programs the VPN and the other one, the other one must only run if the VPN is active )
3. If VPN Down: Restart the VPN connect it, check if its connected properly
4. Start my other program
5. Press the start button on the program
6. Rest and repeat 1. and 2.

PureVPN examples:
Waiting to connect:

Properly connected Pure VPN:

Ofc I'm willing to pay accordingly but in my estimation this is done in 1-2 hours unless I'm mistaken please correct me, for contact add me on skype: sizouxd and we can discuss further details.

P.S If I'm writing this post at the wrong section please move it to the proper one, thanks