Attn: HELP + WHO can help us ?

We want to acquire the capability to send up to 5 million newsletters daily via a Google App Engine cloud server.

Need JavaMail with a SMTP app and the capacity to open 500 simultaneous threads, connections per second ?

We have an approved account with Google, to send newsletters - but they do not support 3rd party apps.

PLEASE indicate your fixed fee & time required to install & configure a JavaMail app on the Google server. THANKS

Sincerely, + + 302 762 2828 VMail

How much Azure kit do you need to serve 2,000 requests per second?

Quota Increase Request + Approved + Billing Enabled

App Engine's quota system allows for efficient applications with billing enabled to scale to around 500 queries per second (qps) or more than 40 million queries per day. This is a substantial amount of traffic and should easily suffice for even the heaviest of Slashdottings. But if you expect your application will need to handle even higher qps, please complete this form so we can assist you.

First name * James

Last name * Barbone

Admin Email: *

Your application ID ( *

Application description * Newsletter

Traffic estimate (qps) * 5 Million Daily

Cause of traffic spike (e.g. new launch, Dugg, etc.) * New Launch

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