Job Description for Consultant / Sr. Consultant


Researches, designs, and implements quality software solutions of large scope
Recognized leader across engineering organizations and disseminates information to other engineering organizations
Coordinates large projects across multiple engineering organizations
Is recognized as subject matter expert in organization, and may influence other organizations
Participates in product planning with Product Management
Mentors and directs other engineers
Expertly makes compelling presentations to sophisticated or difficult audiences
Interacts with customers and partners to form opinions about architectural product direction complementary to product strategy
Can articulate points of view on the effect technology will have within a business industry (e.g. Financial Services).
Efficiently and creatively solves even the most complex and difficult problems that affect his/her organization or the entire company
Strategically analyzes the risks, benefits and opportunities of various solutions
Articulates a clear and strategic technical vision
Identifies and works effectively with key stakeholders on complex cross-functional team or work group projects or problems


Broad knowledge of multiple technologies, including but not limited to, Third and Fourth Generation Languages, distributed transaction-processing, middleware, rules engines, workflow, network communication and database design
Is familiar with Patterns concepts and Architectural concepts
Understands, and can articulate to others, baseline enterprise software requirements (Logging, Upgrade, API design and lifecycle, scalability, and performance)
Makes effective and informed technical decisions in a timely fashion and does not over-analyze problems
Working knowledge of the following skills: EJB, RMI, XML, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, JDBC, web technologies such as JSP servlets and Apache Tomcat
Proven ability to present to and interact with customers, displaying confidence and the expertise to make product decisions, to develop project plans, and to meet project deadlines
Capacities to build group consensus while acting as a leader and team player
Effective written and verbal communication skills essential

Experience : 5 8 yrs
Job Location : Hyderabad.

Interested can send their CVs to