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    Default JAVA platform developer

    Platform Developer
    Exploros ( is looking to hire as a full time employee a platform developer, to build the next generation Exploros collaborative platform for the 1:1 classroom.
    The main challenge with the next generation platform will be scalability, and hence we are looking for someone with relevant experience developing large complex platforms for web and mobile devices.

    Must have:
    1. NodeJS experience ( more than 3 years)
    2. Java experience (more than 8 years)
    3. Server side development experience with complex projects
    4. Architect (more than 3 years)
    5. Developing of a generic Web API
    6. Redis
    7. MySQL
    8. Linux admin level

    1. IOS experience
    2. HTML5 / angular experience
    3. Warehouse development
    4. Magento / PHP experience
    5. EC2 / S3 experience
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    Default Re: JAVA platform developer

    work is from home but in Newton, MA area

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