Primary Skill: Java

--Project Comments--
Develop web services for a policy services project

Required skills:
1. Attention to Detail
2. Excellent Communication Skills
3. JUnit
4. XML
5. Quick Learner

Desired Skills:

1. CVS - Concurrent Versioning System
2. Database - Oracle
3. Hibernate,
5. MQ Series
6. 6.Spring
7. Web Services
8. XFire

Additional information:
1. This is development of new web services to pass policy data to other applications. The developer will not actually work with the backend technologies, just the data.
2. We are using XFire for our SOAP Stack.
3. Some services work may be asynchronous which would require MQ or JCA experience.
4. Our CVS tool is Tortoise CVS.

If interested, email resumes to