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    Hi all,

    I have all the java files for an old web based java multiplayer game that was taken down a few years ago, and would like to 'revive' it and make it playable again on a local network for me and a friend.

    Sometime ago, somone had managed to get all the files to load into the applet and brought us to the log in page, however as expected you cannot log in because none of the servers are up anymore and a database for the log in/client server no longer exists. I was told that the files would need to be re-coded to point to a new server with a new database.

    The person who managed to get the applet to load as far as the log in page didn't have time to do all the above, is there anyone out there who maybe interested in a small project and have a go at it? I have all the files to hand, and are happy to pay someone for their time in doing this.

    Please email me or respond to this email if you are interested



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    Default Re: Java Game

    This isn't really the right place to post this.

    This would probably be better off in:

    Jobs Offered

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