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    Lightbulb Java Custom Programming

    Skills need before applying to this job/volunteer/staff position:
    Java Object Oriented Programming,
    Basic website development skills,
    Talented with customer service also including any game with consideration;

    I am looking for any programming who want to join Jeam Team Programming!
    We program for anything including game development, website administration, forum moderation.
    I want anyone who is willing to be dedicated to programming in general programming and no age will be declined unless you age disables any stuff compilable with the group. Any novice programmer that joins will be considered a group member in training. I'm the leader of the group because it's my original name and i will try my best to try to bring together great programmers who don't have any other programmers in their community or want to join with friends, family or others! EVERYONE is welcome but make sure your contribute to the group or state why you can't. Otherwise Enjoy your time on this forum and have a wonderful day.

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    Default Re: Java Custom Programming

    Moved from Java Gaming. Please note that job offers in the technical sections are liable to be treated as spam and you are liable to be banned as a spammer.

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