Hello, I am a 13 year old programmer with a little under a year of experience. Currently, I have made a few mediocre games, and realize that I need a team project to work on. I would like to create a simple game in which you are in a middle school, and there are a series of themed mini-games. Some Ideas so far are:

Locker jam- Your locker jammed, press buttons repeatedly to un-jam.
Paper pickup- You dropped your papers, press the appropriate letter to pick up a paper each.
Rush to class- You are late to class, rush down the hallway and dodge people.

So for just a mini-game game, I would say we would work about a month on it. I want this game to be either 8, 16, or 32 bit, just to give the 2d game some feeling, and make our rendering job easier.

But, I am only 1 person, who handles threads, updates, basic layout of our code, that sort of thing. I need the following people:

Renderer- A person who can help with rendering. As a bonus, if you could do pixel art, that would be great as well. I just need a person to craft all of the code that renders, like making a rendering engine (DON'T FREAK OUT! I JUST MEAN A CLASS OR TWO!)
Logic- A person that has the same job as me, to program all of the logic, and updating. This is the core of the game.
Miscellaneous- A person to help with, just that: miscellaneous things. They could type up a class or two, and help with some problems, as well as maybe craft Ideas
Both- this is optional, but this would be a great help. You just have to be both a renderer, logic, and a misc.

I am an updater, but that is a job that I can have multiple people on, as with the rest.

All that I ask from all is that you contribute to the idea, and have some experience. I you are still learning, don't sweat it! I can teach you, and then together we can make this game!

Interested? All I need is this application:
TIME PROGRAMMING (aka the time you have been coding in java)
SKYPE NAME (we will coordinate through skype and email, speaking of which...)