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    Default OpenGL/Java - Graphics programmer

    We are searching for a software programmer that will maintain and further expand an existing web application developed with Java technologies and OpenGL.

    This architectural design software features:

    - a 2D CAD-like input for rapid designing of rooms
    - 3D previewing of the final scene with basic user's interaction
    - a photo-realistic rendering using a third party library

    Programming skills required:

    - Experience in developing desktop applications with java (Swing/AWT/Java2D)
    - Knowledge of 2D and 3D math (linear algebra, analytic geometry)
    - Experience using OpenGL through the LWJGL (or similar) library
    - Basic knowledge of the JNI framework for accessing native libraries (C/C++) is appreciated

    You can view a commercial presentation video of the project here TileLook

    Our company
    We are a well-known software house based in Italy called Tecnobit. Tecnobit was founded in 1986 and is now one of the leading software developers in the AEC field in Italy. Tecnobit develops, resells and supports over 30 software products for Architects, Engineers and Land Surveyors in Italy, with a staff of 50 people including: developers, technical assistants and commercial agents. Over the last 3 years Tecnobit has grown substantially in its local Italian market with its “traditional” licensed software products and has been developing new exciting projects for the global international market and for the web.

    Our job proposal
    We are looking for developers who are willing to work part-time or full-time on a specific project. We are searching for both short-term or long-term collaboration. Developers will work in a team over distributed networks/environments and will be given access to a repository of code and documentation shared with other team members. Tasks will be set periodically with previous agreement on compensation.

    For further information, please contact me and send me your CV, I will be happy to reply and send you a detailed technical presentation of the project.

    Fabio Rossi

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