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    Default Learning Tree Instructor Opportunities

    Become A Learning Tree Instructor

    Turn your technical expertise, on-the-job experience and great communications skills into a rewarding part-time teaching opportunity. We're expanding our instructor force to meet the growing demand for our training programs.

    Currently the US Operating Unit has openings for part-time Instructors within the following areas:

    • Building Java Enterprise Applications
    • Building XML Web Services with Java
    • Java and XML Application Development
    • Java EEE 5 Enterprise Application Development with EJB 3.0
    • Service-Oriented Architecture

    Great Reasons to Become a Learning Tree Instructor
    1. Realize big rewards for a part-time assignment.
    As a Learning Tree instructor, you'll teach 8-14+ weeks per year. You're free to spend the majority of your time pursuing other professional opportunities and goals.
    2. Network with top IT professionals from Fortune 1000 companies.
    Grow your consulting practice from the classroom. Gain new clients while demonstrating expertise and teaching skills that showcase your consulting talents.
    3. Enjoy full logistical and operational support for flawless course execution.
    Concentrate on what you do best in the classroom…teaching! Learning Tree manages course development, ships hardware, software and course notes, plus coordinates travel and lodging, and we handle all the details necessary to ensure your success in the classroom.
    4. Expand your skills.
    Learning Tree encourages your professional growth. You will have the opportunity to audit any course that interests you, in or outside your field of expertise. We also provide training and mentoring programs designed to keep your teaching and presentation skills at peak levels. You may even apply to join the ranks of course authors and technical editors. We select all our authors and editors from our instructor corps.
    5. Find scheduling flexibility.
    A scheduling coordinator dedicated to your course(s) and sensitive to your individual availability will work with you on short- and long-term schedules.
    6. Gain immediate access to the latest advances in software and hardware.
    Learning Tree begins instruction on new technologies often before the product is offered for public sale. You have access to all course-specific information, history and updates. You also have an open line of communication to course authors, technical editors and product development managers.
    7. Deliver unbiased instruction.
    Learning Tree develops its own course materials independent of software vendors. You present a balanced view of technologies and the practical skills required to apply them in the workplace. Plus, regular updates and twice yearly revisions completed by our product development team ensure the course materials keep pace with evolving products and technology.

    Starting the process is easy!
    Learning Tree requires excellent communication skills and hands-on technical experience and expertise. A degree, plus advanced training and teaching experience are highly desired. You must be able to teach a minimum of 6 weeks per year, with a commitment of 8-14 weeks preferred. Our instructors enjoy flexibility by teaching for Learning Tree on a part-time basis.

    Take the next step…
    1. Visit Management Training and IT Training - Learning Tree International and review the descriptions of courses in your areas of expertise.
    2. If you believe you qualify to join our world-class team of instructors, we invite you to submit your resume for consideration to:

    National Technical Recruiter
    Instructor Relations Department
    Learning Tree International
    1831 Michael Faraday Drive
    Reston, VA 20190-5304 USA

    Fax: (703) 925-7741
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