Hello, I run minecraft servers and I have one developer on staff that is becoming overwhelemed with the work load on him due to the fact that we already have 3 servers running and are in deveolpment of another. The new server is highly customized and we can use another dev to assist with this and possible future projects. Compensation will depend entirely on the success of the server. We sell virtual goods in game through paypal and have been fairly successful with the other servers we run. we have an established knowlage of how to promote these server and get players to them. On average we see over 1000 players per day coming through our servers. As payments come in, a percentage will be distributed between the team via paypal. We will also grant any interested dev a "rank" in the servers where you can recieve the perks that most people have to pay for. If you like minecraft, know java, and would be interested in assisting please email me at dagen31@yahoo.com . If you have skype to make it easier to comunicate you can also add me there as "KingDagen"