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Dear All,

The product, currently in the concept stage, is an 'open model' networking and
collaboration tool to help connect all facets of Universities in the
higher education space- Current Students, Alumni, Career Services, Student Office,
University knowledge partners and selective outside media platforms such as
grading sites or talent advisory sites et all.

For the sake of superficial comparison, one could imagine this product as similar to
Yammer (recently acquired by Microsoft for ~$1 bn).Of course intrinsically a lot different

What's the broad plan? I had pitched this product as a part of my application essays
to IE business school Madrid Spain (ranked no.1 in Europe and 8th across the world by FT)
and have also shared the idea (over Skype) with personnels responsible for the IE Venture
labs (IE's global accelerator program) and have got positive feedback about the
prospects of the product. Moreover, i am headed to join the IMBA program Apr' 13 intake
to make this happen in person! This goes to say that the product, by virtue of my
association with IE as a full-time student and also by virtue of the Venture Labs, will
automatically have a real-time 'test' client and also an appropriate audience (given our product get's shortlisted for the Venture Labs). So, that's a unique marketing plan that seems
plausible (at least in the concept stages).

What's in it for you? The product is offered by zerO Small and Medium Business Solutions
(a sole proprietary firm with only one employee and one owner!). I am of the belief
that right now i need more owners than employees! Make sense?!

For those interested to know more about me, please visit my Linked In public profile:

Melvin Jose - India | LinkedIn

Look forward to hearing from all interested fellow crazy ones such as I! :-)