Java Software Engineers-Full Time
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Sr Software Engineer (Java) | Jobs | Information Technology |H.T. Associates, Inc. - Chicago Executive Recruiters

Candidates must be open working with all components of the software solutions and not just learn their area of expertise walking in the door.

Front-End GUI JAVA & Swing developers

Pipeline JAVA Server developers—Restful Services, SOA, etc.

JAVA developers with strong SQL—prefer Oracle PL/SQL

3D software engineers with a deep mathematical modeling background

The development platform is J2EE, J2SE, Core Java, jBOSS, Hibernate, Swing, reflections, etc.

Additional job skills include:

- Mastery with Java, data structures & core libraries

- Experience with Java Swing and Java 3d package

- Experience with Apache Maven

- Math experience, Linear Algebra, or experience in math for games /film/simulation/visualization

- Familiarity with Python (or Perl or Ruby or equivalent)

- Familiarity with Linux (or any Unix equivalent) development experience

- Familiarity with the Collada and SVG file formats a bonus

- Experience in Functional and Automated Testing

- Proficient in one Configuration Management tool (e.g., Subversion, Perforce, Alienbrain, CVS)

- Familiarity with Agile development, continuous integration, and modern testing methodologies

- Excellent oral and written communication skills

- UI programming experience a bonus

- Undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Math, Physics