Hi am the owner of the minecraft Quantumcraft server and I am in need of two things.

1.) Someone who can help us with our QuantumCraft server as our only dev (Dilski) is rather busy and we just need some help. You would need to be able to be active in helping the development of the server and would need previous MC dev experience. The payment of this job would be the title of dev on our server.

2.) On the side of that, I am working on a new server that includes the need for custom plugin. I need one developer that can not only create and manage the server, but can create, edit java plugins for the server. You would need to be on daily, or at least 15-20 hours a week. We would be willing to pay a small sum after a little progress is made, then pay the rest when the majority of the project is complete. We would like it if you would stay our dev even after the last payment, but it is not required.

If you are in either of these positions and you have experience being a minecraft server dev, fill out the template below and send me an email at

Dev experience:
Hours a week you could dedicate:
Java knowledge: