Job Description
As a Senior Software Engineer you will be a technically able and highly productive practitioner
capable of working in a range of activities from early analysis & design, through programming,
integration and testing, to deployment activities and 3rd line support.

The role in the WRAN department involves working with client–server based architecture,
developing and working with persistent, high data flow, multi threaded applications.

As a Software Design Engineer, you will be responsible for:

Programming SW modules / classes; structuring writing, compiling, debugging
and executing source code, algorithms and data structures, ensuring the code is
understandable and maintainable; performing re-factoring where relevant
• Analysing requirement specifications, searching for information on solutions, specifying
the detailed design for effective implementation (including e.g. secure coding)
• Formally documenting own designs, handling code versions, SW revision management
systems, merging of different source code tracks
• Specifying, developing, setting up and maintaining a design environment (manual as well
as automated)
Essential Skills:
• 5+ years OO software development/architecture experience in Java.
• Tangible experience working with large, high data flow, multithreaded applications
• Eclipse / RCP knowledge
• Database knowledge – in particular Sybase or Versant.
• Expertise in Spring, JMS, RMI technologies
• SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer)
• SCEA (Sun Certified Enterprise Architect)
• Expertise in development platforms & frameworks and in representational languages
(e.g. UML, XML)

Beneficial Skills:
• Telecoms knowledge
• Knowledge of OSS systems

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