Associate Conversion Program/Move into Algorithmic Trading

I am working on behalf of an internal hedge fund as part of a large European Investment Bank.

I am looking for an experienced technologist who wants to make a move into finance and build on their technical skills.

This position is designed for somebody with no financial markets experience and can be considered to be similar to an associate conversion program that is offered by companies when candidates have gone back into education after being in the industry for a few years.

Work involved:

The work will involve the following:
– Building of automated trading systems.
– Work on the connectivity between the trading desk and various exchanges such as the London Stock Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, New York Stock Exchange etc...
– Extensive work with US teams (normal working hours just some days you will have the option to come in later).

This is within the “algorithmic trading space”. Further detail on the area can be found here: Algorithmic trading - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The work is done in a variety of languages. They are specifically targeting C# developers as there is a shortage however Java and C++ developers are also welcome.


Compensation for these groups is incredibly generous and competitive. If they like you, they would compete with your existing firms. If you come from outside the financial markets, it is unlikely your firm would be able to offer a better package.

Future Career

Developers in these groups can remain a specialist algorithmic trading developer or move into a more quantitative role, where they can actually come up with the algorithmic trading strategies themselves.

Some developers chose to go down the management side, where they will train a team of technologists who want to follow in similar footsteps.

Interview Process

The interview will be a 3 stage process. Initially it will be a phone conversation to discuss motivations and for both parties to get a feel for each other. If there is mutual interest, this will then proceed to a formal interview where technical aptitude will be assessed. If successful in this stage, a final interview will occur with the Managing Director of European Algorithmic Trading who will be part of the final decision.


If you would like to be considered for this role, the following minimum is essential:
– A BSc/BS in Computer Science. Quantitative disciplines also welcome, however it’s important to point out computer science graduates have been the most successful. This is largely to do with their enthusiasm towards high performance computing.
– 3-5 years at a vendor, software house, gaming company or sports betting firm.

If you would like to be considered, please mail a copy of your CV to Sean Sinclair at

Please find my LinkedIn profile should you want a feel of my background: Sean Sinclair | LinkedIn

I am also available on my mobile phone +44 (0) 7818 446 704. I try to be available most of the time. If I am not available, please feel drop me a text and I will probably be able to call you back within 10 minutes.