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    Default Bypas Auth In Java File Problem

    I have this bot that I am using for a game and it uses a auth system. The guy that released it has it go to his website where it validates the auth im guessing. I know there is a way to bypass this and was wondering if anyone here wanted to make a few extra bucks doing it. Incase you wanna look at it before hand -

    ive found where to do it, but i get too many errors when i try to edit it. I know its something im overlooking and its uber easy but this is my last resort.

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    Default Re: Bypas Auth In Java File Problem

    Moved from "New To Java".

    I'm not entirely sure this thread belongs here as it's more "work offered" than a "job offered". But it's certainly misplaced in NTJ which is for aspiring Java programmers to get help.

    You might have more luck in a forum that is set up for this sort of thing (ie has a mechanism for payment etc), and if you said up front how much you are prepared to pay. Easy or not, you'll be expected to pay as much as the market is able to charge.

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