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    Default Developing a new game - looking for Java programmers

    Hello and thanks for stopping by to read this.

    We all have wanted to create our own game, haven't we? A game that would be created by us. But to do that alone would be frustrating and taking too much time. So I've decided to make a team and make our own MMoRPG. The game will be playable within the browser.

    Requirements to join:
    - Good knowledge of Java
    - Good English (if you can understand this post, it might be enough)
    - Interest in gaming
    - Knowledge of Java3D and/or client-server type application programming would be considered a bonus, but is not required
    - Experience of programming in a team for a project would be considered a bonus, but is not required

    The project wouldn't be commercial at the beginning, so there's no money offered at first. So this is not for those who do programming only for money, this is mostly for those, who would want to make their own with us. If the game will be successful, it would become commercial and further developing would be required. We can promise you a job with salary when the game becomes commercial.

    There's no office for the team. All the communication will be through the Internet, so you can work at any place where you have access to the Internet and where you have all the programs you need for the work.

    If you are interested, please send your CV to with subject "Application - programmer". It's not required for the CV to be formal, but it should include:
    - Your real name
    - Your birth date
    - A short description of your programming skills. If you are good at other skills as well, please describe them as well
    - Your language knowledge (a list of languages that you can)
    - Your interests and hobbies
    All the applications received will be viewed and answered to in 48 hours.

    Thank you for your interest.
    In case you have questions, please contact me by sending a mail to

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    Default Re: Developing a new game - looking for Java programmers

    People create these threads all of the time and each time they are the same thing. Just a thread saying you're making a team to develop an MMORPG and you have to know this and that and blah blah blah. None of these groups hardly ever get off the ground because they don't have a plan. I think you should think this through and write out a structure for the game and the networking. Write out a plan for how the world is going to communicate with the player and how the network will handle everything. If you dont know how to do any of this stuff or don't have an idea, then don't start. Take my advice because MMORPGS are very difficult to make and if you have little to no networking knowledge you will fail. Take my advice.

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    Default Re: Developing a new game - looking for Java programmers

    Was it really necessary to bump a thread that's more than three years old? Please don't do this again.



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