Long Term contract(18 months) postions availiable in Albany, NY. Here are the requirements. Please let me know if you're interested:

Job Requirements:

Mandatory Skills:
1 A minimum of three (3) years of experience in designing complex applications using object oriented methodology creating use cases, class diagrams, interaction and sequence diagrams and recognizing design patterns.
2. Three (3) years hands-on experience in programming Java applications from specifications expressed by use cases, class diagrams, interaction diagrams and sequence diagrams.
3. Two (2) years of complex Java programming experience using a MVC J2EE framework.
4. Two (2) years experience coding Java Server Pages (JSP).

Desirable Skills:
1. Experience communicating with team members, including programmers and/or users. This must be demonstrated by experience in two or more activities listed in a-e AND in two or more activities listed in f-j:
a. Preparation of user manuals
b. Thorough documentation of programs or systems
c. Preparation of training material
d. Provision of timely and clear status reports
e. Conceptual, system, and program design specifications
f. Participation in team design meetings
g. Leading system design sessions
h. Leading meetings dealing with the development or modification of a system
i. Working with users to gather system requirements
j. Describing a system orally to technical and/or non-technical staff. Description must have included such topics as:
Systems Business Processes
Systems Data Flows and Databases
System Controls and Audit Trails
System Security
System Hardware and Software Components
System Interfaces
2. Proven ability to transfer knowledge and mentor team members. This must be demonstrated by experience in one or more of the following activities:
a. Conducting technical training sessions.
b. Conducting one-on-one technical training.
c. Developing programming guidelines/standards.
d. Developing coding examples and distributing them to co-workers.
e. Conducting code review and critique.
3. Two (2) years experience using STRUTS or a similar java development framework.
4. One (1) years experience using JavaScript.
5. One (1) years experience using HTML.

Please send resume and salary requirments to: csr_1978@yahoo.com