* Professional software development experience
* Strong grasp of software design patterns and effective development methodologies
* Demonstrated experience writing commercial-grade software applications
* Deep understanding of multithreading and real-time software architectures
* Driven to produce software of the highest quality through self-discipline, clear and engaged communication, and attention to detail
* An abiding interest in and competence for solving real-world business problems (with technology as an enabler)
* Ability to communicate effectively and to influence client strategy, tactics, and perceptions
* Determination to succeed despite obstacles and challenges, and a positive attitude favoring achievement of goals over open-ended investigation
* Highly productive software developer with the proven aptitude to understand and apply technology
* Resourcefulness and independence
* BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience

- Java6 (minimum)
- Web Services
- Swing, Scala, Python, Ruby always good


Lab49ís Java projects are usually involved in building server-side applications which encapsulate the workflow, processing, and business logic of our clientsí core trading business. These may be systems to manage the pricing of large portfolios of instruments; service-oriented architectures for building truly decoupled distributed systems; or data grid implementations for large-scale data-intensive applications.

Sometimes our projects include a web front-end component to them, so familiarity with Java-based web technologies can be a benefit but is not always strictly a required.