Project name:
Original Acro

Brief description:
Original Acro is a Project dedicated to bringing back Bezerk's Acrophobia (for good this time). Acrophobia is a fast paced, online, multiplayer word Game where players come up with witty acronyms and players vote for their favorite ones. The Project has been active for a toatal of 1 month. Currently We have the Class files from the game when it was hosted on Uproar.

Target aim:
This is a Freeware online game.

Original Acro is not out to make money only to earn enough to support the game
Itself. If any additional revenue is made it will be turned back to the supporters and developers of the game. Exact Percentages can be talked about.

Original Acro will run in a Java Applet.

Talent needed:
A Lead Java Programmer is needed who is experienced with object oriented Java programs. Also one who can work with existing, decompiled class files.

Team structure:
Geoffrey Inman: Project Head, Website Admin
Toby: Java Consultant

Original Acro


Previous Work by Team:
This is my first Project

Additional Info:
Anyone interested is encouraged to look at this video:

acro movie