Hi guys, I'm leading a multi-part project that's primarily in Java.

We are currently working towards a public alpha release. The base of the project is already done, we are now extending it with features.

I am trying to grab a few more developers to help out. This is suitable for people new to Java, looking to learn. I can teach and work along side you. No experience is necessary. If you are experienced, and like collaborating and working in a team, then you are also welcome.

Our primary objective is to provide innovative performance analysis for stock market traders and investors. An interest in the stock market, or finance is a plus but not critical. You will learn a little bit about finance working on this project.

There is no pay (yet), but the experience gained through collaboration on a medium scaled project will be valuable.

We work remotely, using Skype, SVN and Eclipse and more..

If you are interested, send me a PM for more details.

Many thanks,