2+ year project in Hawthorne, NY

Team is building IDE for X10. X10 is a type-safe, modern, parallel, distributed object-oriented language intended to be very easily accessible to Java(TM) programmers. It is targeted to future low-end and high-end systems with nodes that are built out of multi-core SMP chips with non-uniform memory hierarchies, and interconnected in scalable cluster configurations.

* eclipse plug-in development - this is the critical requirement - development of plug-ins, not just using them
* building an IDE for a programming language (some aspect of it most likely)
* familiar with parser/generator technologies (abstract syntax trees)
* understand data type information represented by compiler front end (i.e. type of expression is an INT)
* compiler represents types internally - good grounding in compiler technology & frameworks
* experience with static program analysis: type inference; pointer analysis...

real experience and understanding of SWT & JFACE frameworks

need real software engineering experience using bugzilla/ JiRA, how to use eclipse in a team environment, CVS or subversion, how to plan for testing...

people who were major contributors to Java, Scala, C, C++ may be ideal

email resume to rachel@ivmost.com
Rachel Schwartz
IV Most Consulting, Inc.
Direct Line: 720-883-1958