I am looking for a coder that is familiar with Net Beans, Java , Swing, Hibernate, XML, PHP, MySQL and Apache Derby if possible.

I have a project that is complete and working. Additional functions need to be added to this project and future enhancements.

This will be an ongoing project. We will always be perfecting the product and adding features for future updates.

I am looking for a team player. This person can have a full time job elsewhere, but be able to code on a timely basis.

This is a product that has a defined niche.

It is already been beta tested and hardware tested. It has very good potential of having a customer base of over 500 in the first year.

There are other apps that are out dated that this will replace. One of the flavors has a 12,000 user base.

This is branded, www presence, direct mail and flyers are being designed.

Send emails inquiries to howard@nvts.ca.