We are an international communications company based out of Thailand and Hong Kong.. We are starting a new division and seeking an experienced Java programmer who can design programs and applications for mobile devices IE.. Cell Phones. We are looking to partner with said programmer for percentage splits of sales and services from said contracted work.

All programs designed and written will be retained by you the programmer with certain restrictions. We are currently in contract and business partnership with other programmers designing such applications and systems for Tracking, VOIP and other..

If you are looking to possibly get involved to become a sharing partner we would be happy to discuss this matter in greatest of details..

There is no investment monies needed from you... Just your experience, time and programming and solutions skills.

Contact us as soon as possible..

All contact information will be supplied to those who wish to discuss this business arrangement further.

You may leave me a reply or message me (ragbkk) on this forum.