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    Default Post Apocalyptic Hobby Project Needs Programmers

    I am currently seeking highly dedicated individuals to join our project. We are creating a “spiritual successor” to the game Fallout, made by Interplay. If you would like to join our team, please see our contact information below.

    Project Details

    Game Summary:

    We envision a real time post apocalyptic RPG with an exciting storyline, a turn based combat system, 50s Retro-Future and dialog full of the same dark humor we saw in the previous Fallout games. We use a similar approach as the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system towards creating characters, thus we will have a skill-based character system well known from the Fallout games. Located in Europe, the character will travel throughout the wastelands struggling for survival, and setting things right – what’s right, will be for the player to decide.


    As in Fallout, gameplay will be real time, but the combat system will be turn based with pen and paper style roots. Our game will include a 2D isometric view, a world map for traveling long distances, and a highly interactive dialog system that will be dependent upon the characters skills. Other game features will be freedom of choice to travel through what towns you want, when you want; recruitable NPCs; various post apocalyptic cities, gangs, and secret organizations; futuristic weapons and equipment; an advanced skill set at the players disposal that can affect how the game progresses; and the freedom to choose between good and evil, with an appropriate ending for each.


    We are currently creating our own engine in JAVA, using JOGL as a renderer, which will feature a 2D isometric view. We started to create development tools with JAVA also.

    Additional Info:

    This will be a freeware game, so monetary compensation will not be given - however we can offer a tremendous amount of quality experience in game development that you can add to your resume. Also, a project of this size is expected to take at least a couple of years, so if you’re interested you’ve got to be dedicated. Whether you are a hobby artist or a student, you are welcome. We ask an average of 8-10 hours a week, but if you need to take extended breaks for things like exams, you will not be counted as inactive.
    We have a working storyline here: Story - Sequel wiki

    Talent needed:

    Artists – 3D modelers, Concept Artists
    Programmers – Intermediate to high level of experience with JAVA required

    Website & Contact Info:

    Main Website: true sequel team
    Wiki: Main Page - Sequel wiki
    Forum: True Fallout Sequel - Home
    IRC: #falloutfans

    If interested please email me at
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