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    Default Be Elite Join Property Elite Singapore

    Be Elite Join Property Elite Singapore

    Join me As a Singapore property Agent .
    Join international Company as my partners ,
    Success , All we want is that .

    Attention ! Future Are IN YOUR HAND Want to join us as Full -part time
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    Mindy Yong
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    Singapore Property - Buy Sell Rent Singapore Real Estate Buy, sell and rent
    Singapore real estate: private property, residential apartments, commercial
    and industrial properties. HDB flats for sale and rental. Foreign investors,
    buyers, tenants or relocating expats can easily find their ideal landed
    house, bungalow, semi-d, terrace, condominium, townhouse, private apartment,
    HDB, HUDC, office, shop, factory, warehouse & land right here.

    Mindy Yong
    (+65) 91002985

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    Hi !

    I am interested in this project. I have four years of experiance in java programming. I have done various web applications in java. Example sales force crm, financial accounting, auction software, customer management system and so on.

    I am good at core java, servlets, jsp, struts, hibernate.


    Anand ravindran
    +91 9952526011
    Webarch Technologies
    :: Java Needs - Java Programmers' Website ::

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