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    Default Looking for java programmer for ORPG

    ::If you are looking for a paying job, stop reading now. This is a project that will be more then likely ftp (free-to-play). This project is for someone who is looking for something fun to do as a hobby and wants to create an awesome game. If you are not looking for that, this project isn't for you, but thank you for looking::

    The game is an ORPG (online-role-playing-game). My friend is already working on a base client and server, but does not want to continue with the project past that. I have started working on all of the GFX, currently the GUI is 90% done, and we have tile sheets made by my friend (GreenRaven). Also I have sprites with custom pixeled interchangeable skin, hair, and eye color that a person would be able to choose upon making a new character. Items are also pixeled by a friend of mine, they look very awesome.

    I will post some pictures once the forum allows me.

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    Hi !

    I am interested in this project. I have four years of experiance in java programming. I have done various web applications in java. Example sales force crm, financial accounting, auction software, customer management system and so on.

    I am good at core java, servlets, jsp, struts, hibernate.
    (Java, JSP, HTML, XML, UML, Apache, Tomcat)

    Anand ravindran
    +91 9952526011
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