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    Default Need: Java Game Programmer


    Who are ImaginationX?

    ImaginationX are a dedicated and passionate team of developers interested in grasping the loosely attended role-player market. The team was formed originally in early September 2008, but since then has had a change in direction from their original ambition, and has expanded it's member board. Currently the team consists of 4 graphic artists, 4 concept developers and one general programmer. Each of these members are strongly dedicated to the project.

    What are we up to?

    ImaginationX have several projects lined up, but their first is to create a browser client based MMORPG targeted at role-players, with similar styles to an MMOCC. At the moment the team is in the early stages of development and have mainly been working on concepts and ideas, as well as the foundational graphics work. Our current intentions are to get the foundations secured and the graphics work well under way.

    Progress has been steady and much ground has been covered since the first project began. In terms of graphics work, there has been a lot of progress made in design style for the avatar and environment, and we're beginning to finish our avatar in all positions. Other artists have begun designing an area for testing and another has been working with clothing ideas.

    On top of this the ideas behind the project are being thoroughly discussed, criticized and refined until polished to near perfection.

    The web design is well under way as well.

    Positions available

    Posted editted to suit this forum

    We are currently looking for people to for fill the following positions:

    - Java Programmers
    Requirements: Someone who is well experienced in Java programming, and is willing to work in a team. This position will require you to develope a game in Java with potential collegues.

    Generic requirements

    The different positions require different qualities from a person, but the following generic qualities are valued in all positions (and surely in any team):
    • A positive attitude towards constructive criticism
    • Willingness to work in a team and negotiate ideas
    • Ability to co-operate when given tasks
    • A polite and friendly manner

    Why work for us?

    There are many reasons why it should be in your best interests to work for, no WITH, ImaginationX. We are a strong and progressing team that will strive to reach our target, no matter which obstacles come in our way. We currently have a community backing with interest in our project of around 500+ people, who have all previously either been part of one of my personal previous communities (which closed through external influences), or a community in which I was a valued member of. This community that is behind us, motivates and drives us towards our success, and we do not intend on letting them down.

    Although we do not offer immediate pay, we do hold records of your work through work logs, so that when (not if, we're optimistic at ImaginationX!) we make money your work can be paid off, with applicable bonuses.

    Now, you may be thinking 'we've heard this all before'. We are understanding that in many cases people have worked for MMOCCs with this illusion of future pay which they never received. For that very reason, we are expecting people to be hesitant; however, I will inform you of this. We currently have a sponsoring company who has powerful computers and are willing to let us use any of their machines (for hosting and such), but also who are interested in investment should we make further progress. This means that there is a relatively good chance that we will be able to make these payments before the release. Although ImaginationX cannot make any guarantees, we will all do our best to ensure that this project succeeds, and those that helped to reach that goal share it's wealth.

    Given that our entire team currently works with no pay, but this prospect of future success, really demonstrates their passion and dedication for the project, and resembles their ambition to make this project succeed.


    If you are interested in this proposal, please contact my user on this forum via PM using the format shown below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


    If you have any questions, please post them up on this thread and I will do everything in my best efforts to answer what I can without breaking policy.

    On behalf of the entire ImaginationX team, thank you for reading.

    Managing Director

    Application Format


    Experience In Area:


    Personnel Statement:
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    Updates made to the team roster.

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    We currently have one Java programmer and a general coder, and are certainly looking for more!

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