The medical software industry is experiencing a revolution, and pMDsoft is looking for a Software Design Engineer who has the talent and drive to change it forever. We're using cutting edge technology to give doctors access to the information they need and to give patients power over their health care experience.

This Software Design Engineer will focus on extending our Java/JSP Web application, with an emphasis on open source technologies such as Linux, Apache, Tomcat, Struts and MySQL. We're building a Web presence that's highly usable, fast, scalable, mobile, and interoperable, and these challenges demand a database-savvy engineer who can master modern Web paradigms such as AJAX and REST. Interest in the mobile space is a must.

- bring at least one year of experience as a Web developer... plus a lifetime of curiosity
- seek broad project ownership and a small, fast-paced team
- enthusiastic, creative, and get things done
- communicate fluidly in a team environment
- want to grow fast, learn a lot, and take responsibility
- design applications that are intuitive and fun to use

- never set foot in a cubicle farm
- like to play with iPhones, BlackBerries, and sleek machines named after fruits
- make the most of the hip Hunters Point neighborhood
- love our work
- prefer Mac and Linux to... other operating systems
- always look for the next hot thing
- keep our fridge stocked with soda

At pMDsoft you can grow as quickly as you want to - our startup environment means nothing is holding you back from doing your best work and learning new technologies. Where else would you have a chance to build an AJAX application for the iPhone? Plus, you'll be able to see the impact of your work immediately, you'll have chances to experience other aspects of the business, and you'll hear from our users how your efforts have changed their lives.

Please email resume and cover letter to