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    Default Foreign Exchange Developer NYC- Core Java, Swing, Server Side

    The Musts for this position are Core Java, Swing and Server Side development. SQL and Threading are highly desirable
    This is a Full Time Permanent position
    Sponsorship is not available
    Compensation is 80-100K Base + Bonus

    Role: Relationship Trading Developer

    Job Description
    We are seeking a motivated, high energy candidate who will participate in the development and enhancement of our Relationship Trading product suite.

    Job Responsibilities
     Design, develop, test and support front ends for our highly-
    scalable, low-latency, near real-time trading systems
     Collaborate with development team members to ensure high quality,
    low-latency operation of trading applications
     Collaborate with Senior Architect and development manager in the
    design and implementation of reusable software components
     Collaborate with QA and application support teams to improve
    service delivery, reduce system outages and ensure client

    • Bachelor's degree in computer science, information systems,
    engineering or other related degree
    • 3-5 years of Java development experience.

    Required Skills:

    Software development
    • Design, Development and maintenance of Swing components
    • Server side java development on Unix/Linux platforms
    • JAVA Threading and sockets
    • Strong understanding of system analysis and design
    • Relational databases – Sybase/Oracle/JDBC

    • Ant/Maven
    • CVS/Subversion
    • JUnit

    • Good verbal and written communication skills
    • Team player

    Experience with the following a plus:
    • JMS / JMX
    • Application servers (Tomcat, weblogic, websphere)
    • Experience with high transaction systems
    • XML
    • Agile application development methodologies
    • Profiling and performance tools such as JProbe, DTrace, SystemTap,
    • Java 5/6
    • Concurrent, distributed programming
    • Distributed Transactions
    • Project/Time Management skills

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    Default Re: Foreign Exchange Developer NYC- Core Java, Swing, Server Side

    I'm not sure if this is still active, being a year old, but this is till a very intriguing offer.
    Before that though, I would like to explain my situation

    I currently attend the Rochester Institute of Technology. If you're familiar with the school, in order to graduate with a bachelor's in Computer Science, it is required to have 1 year of co-op experience. Co-op, if you're familiar, is a paid internship. I have done 6 months, and three and a half years of college. Therefore, to graduate, all I need is 6 months of class, and 6 months of Co-op.

    I realize that ideally you are looking to higher a permanent full time position, but what I'm offering is this. If hired (Considering you like my resume. If you would like a copy, please email me at Removed by moderator) that I can take the six month co-op with your company (maybe not in this same position), and if I like your company, I can come back for full time after the other 6 months of class. In the end, you get an employee with a bachelors who is already trained and used to the systems in your company

    I would like to thank you for your time in reading, and possibly acknowledging my resume.
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    Default Re: Foreign Exchange Developer NYC- Core Java, Swing, Server Side

    Quote Originally Posted by SirDagdlahan View Post
    I'm not sure if this is still active, being a year old
    Nearly 4 years old. Check the date of the OP.



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