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    Default Need career advice..

    I am planning to do a mobile application development course in Cestar College in Toronto. Before joining I would like to know the career opportunities for a mobile app developer. What is the usual compensation for a developer? Is it possible to build a better career with this track? Please share your opinions.

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    Default Re: Need career advice..

    As with any dev technology the career opportunities are not going to be restricted to the tech you start out with.
    Your career path will be determined by how good you are at grabbing opportunities in whatever company you get in, so that you can both deepen and broaden (possibly the more important of the two) your knowledge.

    In other words, don't fret it.
    Mobile apps are still a big market, so a good start point in that you are more likely to get a role, and that's all you should be focussed on. After that, your initial training will rapidly have less and less relevance when compared to what work you've actually been involved in.
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