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    Hello everyone!

    At present, my grasp of Java techno stack is currently just about mid-level: but one employer, all its projects are Web apps based on Java SE/Spring/Oracle, some SOAP services consumed and some exposed; my role was purely backend development so I cannot even boast good experience in Spring MVC but rather in areas like Spring DI, JDBC-templates, some transaction management... I will cut it here to be brief, though before switching to Java I learned many other things, one could have a glimpse here: [Moderator edit: link removed]

    I have two major tasks before me: 1) collect more experience in some Java stack technologies, 2) then find a good position as a seasoned developer. What technologies? That will depend on (2). Problem is, I will not be able to find (1)-like position in my city (I doubt skills and experience of local techleads, and there are but few of them), and (2)-like also (as a Senior I will be looking for good salary and here it's just unavalable to Seniors). On the other hand, my family will hate moving to another city or abroad.

    Do you people think I even have a chance of finding good (strong teams) 1-class positions remotely? Like, remote mid-level Java backend developer. Usually, well-known companies either do not recruit remotely, or are looking for seasoned Java professionals. Same question for Senior: is it realistic to find a good-compensated and interesting Senior position remotely? Especially given I don't live in USA (which is also a requirement for many positions).
    Another question connected with the former two: what technologies should I choose to master to achieve my goals? I mean, there are some techs that belong primarily to enterprise segment, like EJB, and some techs associated with other areas. Do you think, for instance, that I have no chances to find remote work in enterprise-class projects, but at the same time can find good positions in, say, development of search engines or bug trackers, and, because of that, I should not invest in learning JEE, but should concentrate on, say, Redis or AWS?

    Thank you for your advices.
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