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    Default Which has better future for java or C++ programming job?

    I am really confused right now. I have to pick my major between computer engineering and IT but both seems very very similar. I looked up requirement classes to graduate my university and only difference between two of them are computer engineering has way more math than IT but core computer classes I have to take are same. Like object oriented programming, data design, software engineering etc.. they are all same classes. CS requires up to calculus 4 to graduate which I hate the most while IT only requires calculus 1 and few other math classes. Also CS requires physics and chemistry classes while IT don't.

    My question is.. which is better if I wanna get a job in programming in the future? I wanna work with java, web, C++. I've been searching google and answers I find are very vague. People who did CS says CS is better while people who did IT say IT is good enough. Do companies want people with CS degree more? Just by looking at classes, it's so obvious CS is a lot harder than IT due to massive amount of math classes and physics class requirement.

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    Default Re: Which has better future for java or C++ programming job?

    Moved from New to Java. Please take the effort to find a suitable section before starting a thread.

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    Default Re: Which has better future for java or C++ programming job?

    Well take a look at your local job market. What is more in demand? Its probably not C++.

    But still learning C++ teaches you a whole lot so its never a bad choice to pick it up even if you're not going to directly apply it in the real world. As for taking CS or IT... well that's up to you. Do you think that you can do CS? If you're doubting then perhaps its not the best choice for you. Keep in mind that your schooling is going to help to get you your initial job, but in the end what is really going to matter is your job experience. Your true schooling will begin once you get your first programming job, believe me. It will have little to do with the actual programming, that's the easy part.
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