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Thread: Java With PLSQL

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    Default Java With PLSQL


    I have total 5 years of experience. My Current profile is like little bit of Java with PLSQL.

    As i started my career as an Database(Oracle) Developer <i.e> Working on SQL & PLSQL and i am OCA certified. But as i am very much lean towards Development & coding i have gained a lot of interest in Java as Only sticking to PLSQL will restrict my opportunities.

    Currently i have around 1.5 years exp in Java and i am planning to give SCJP soon. I have knowledge of MVC architecture JSP, Servlets.
    And i also dont want to shift totally into JAVA from PLSQL as a good knowledge in PLSQL for a Java Developer is always beneficial.

    So now i want to work as a JAVA + PLSQL developer where i can make use of best of both worlds.

    First thing - Does such profiles are in Demand <i.e> people with java + plsql skills.
    And are there any good study materials, links or books where scenarios are provided for when to use Java & when to use PLSQL for performance oriented applications <i.e> which logic will be best suited where java or plsql ... suppose my business logic is in java then how to make efficient use of PLSQL, when to make DB call , when to use Stored procedures all such things ..

    Please help.

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    Default Re: Java With PLSQL

    Stop multiposting. You already have a thread for this.


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