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    Question Need advice if a job in java is for me?

    Hello everyone :D I am new and looking for some advice! Here is my query and background to it:

    Basically I can go do a few short courses in Java at a nearby college. This is what it entails:

    Java 1

    Introduction to Java and the principles of Object Oriented Programming techniques.

    Java 2

    Developing user interfaces using Java’s Swing libraries.

    Java 3

    Developing professional Java applications which access SQL databases.

    I'm pretty clueless when it comes to Java but have tried to teach myself a little in the past. I really want to try these courses and see if I can learn, I have been told that if I do these courses it means I can take the "Oracle Sun Java Certification" exam. What I would like to know is:

    A] Where could that certification get me? Job wise and also getting into a university
    B] As someone with health problems like depression and chronic fatigue syndrome, how stressful/hard would a job be?
    C] Should you be really good at math?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, please leave any further advice if you have any :)

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    Default Re: Need advice if a job in java is for me?

    A. It would get you a certificate. That, at a guess, would put you ahead of someone else with no work experience who didn't have one for a job. It at least shows willing to go out and learn something. For university I have no idea. Apart from the OU, I would expect you need either A-levels or to go in as a mature student with some work experience behind you. The certificate by itself won't be enough.

    B. Depends where you work, but pretty much anywhere will have its bouts of "deadline fever".

    C. Not necessarily. I did Information Systems way back when, and most of the people were not from the science end of the A-Level spectrum and they're doing as well as the sciency types. If you did Computer Science, however, maths does come into it for the algorithm side of things. From my point of view the sort of dev you get from Java tends to be more art than science.
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