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    Talking English's role in a job as a programmer

    If I can have 1-3 people answer these questions it would be great! Thank you!

    The following questions are for programmers who have ever interned or had a job as a professional programmer:

    1) How long have you been practicing computer science?

    2) Have your English classes in college impact how you perform your job?

    3) How do you use English as a professional programmer?

    4) Is there any part of English you donít know that you wish you did to help better your job performance? If so, what skill?

    5) What English skill do you use the most in your profession?

    6) What English skill do you use the least in your profession?

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    Default Re: English's role in a job as a programmer

    Hi. It is a great post. Actually English is very impotent. I'm from Russia and first time I did not use English on my job at all. because I could find some necessary info on my native language. But after few years I understood that is so limited my professorial skills. I couldn't learn new technologies because all information is written in English. I couldn't support some foreign customers and etc. I can say more if you are not native English speaker you must have good English skills.
    1. did you ask about experience or what? not so clear question. if it is right. I have more 4 years experience in JEE development.
    2. Yes sure. I am still keep learning English.
    3. )) it is fine questions I use English for communicate with team members, customers, just write/read. in generally I try to use English every way.
    4. Yes it is speaking skills. How to improve it. Just have more practice.
    5.6. It is weird questions too. Honestly if you work in English speaker teams you must have all skills. if you can't speak, write or read you can't do your work.

    if we discuss about a job. if you have bad English you just don't pass interviews.
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