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    Default Educational practice in NYC

    I am searching for any kind of information about where to start if I have following situation

    I'm studying
    Bachelor of Informatics Major in Computer Science (4 years full day study)
    at Vilnius University in Mathematics and Informatics faculty, Lithuania

    Now I'm at 4 (last) course. And next year I have to do educational practice.
    It will be from February to May. (2012)

    I have big willing to do my practice in USA at New York City. I've been there a couples of times and I like that it.
    That's why I started search so early.
    The problems that I faced are.
    1. It's possible to find the job now or I need to wait bit?
    2. Where best to look for this kind of job?

    I think it more clearly for those people who are working there now. That's why I'm asking here.

    The job type that I want to find is Junior Java Developer.
    I think it will good to start from this position and then grow and look forward for something better.
    I would like to join talented friendly team.

    Nowadays I'm interesting in Swing Java components. I'm writing a course project about JTable component. It's like an article describing it's advanced features.
    And then I planing too write Bachelor work about Swing components.
    I had experience JDBC, good knowledge of SQL, multithread programing. I familiar with web service technologies like SOA, SOAP, XML, WSDL.
    I've written big projects in Java like Operation System module. Which was enough complicated by GUI and back structure.
    I had experience majority nowadays programing languages. Like with C++, for example I wrote an UNIX multijob shell on it.
    But I like Java more that any other programing language.

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    It's possible to find the job now or I need to wait bit?
    Of course you can find the job now. For it you must have strong knowledge in Core Java. Don't pay attention for special library. Usually interviewer will be ask Core Java questions for junior positions. I have my opinion about GUI developer in Java that is narrow way to start, Many vacancies is required knowledge in JEE.
    Where best to look for this kind of job?
    It is the best to do in your site ). You need gather info about companies and then go to all companies and try to get wanted positions. Just do it. Don't sitting and waiting. )
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