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    Question Game making experience, looks bad or good for non-gameing companies?

    Hi, so I was wondering would it look good or bad to an employer if I had experience making my own game, for when I am trying to get an entry level non-gameing job? As of right now this will be my last semester in college then I will need to try to get a job and I realized that I really want to focus on Java because I just like programming in it more. But my knowledge is maybe not all that great and truthfully itís been awhile since I last used Java. I want to really work on getting good with Java and I know for myself I learn better by just coding then reading a book. I was thinking a fun way to really get good at Java would be to pickup one of the books that show you how to make games for the Android, on top of thinking that it would be nice to be able to show something I did myself and have real experience of making a full program. But the thing is I really have no plan of trying to get a job with a gaming company, because I know the hours suck and the jobs are very unstable, but I do like the idea of maybe down the line making small indie games myself on the side.

    But I fear that maybe not only would a company not really be impressed by me making a game when I am maybe going for a job at a bank just for an example, but that maybe it would even be viewed negatively, compared to if I made a business application program instead.

    So what do you guys think? Would making my own game for the Android be a helpful thing to have on my resume and to show an employer or would it hurt me in the long run? And should I instead try to get better at Java by making a more business type application, maybe still for the Android and maybe just work on making games on my own when I already have a job?


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    Default Re: Game making experience, looks bad or good for non-gameing companies?

    Hi! There is no difference between a degree holder in ARTS or a degree holder in Electronics etc. Your knowledge as a degree holder is an indication to the would be employer that this person is a capable person to have achieved a degree. A degree is devised to see if the person is capable of using his/her ability to do certain tasks in the field of work, no matter what the work is. You are adaptable if you have a degree, of course a degree in the field you are qualified in is more helpful in that area but it is not necessary to get a job in that area as the degree attained. Therefore writing that you are game develloper on your resume indicates you can convert your ability of programming to suit any task. Hope this helps. Best regards. Fourty711 (New-member)

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