Hi there,
I've graduate as an Electronics Engineer but as the years have passed I realized I love programming. We had a couple of lessons in Java and MySQL but really low level. I started reading and doing small project and even did my thesis in Java (Analogue filter analysis using Java) which was pretty decent... I'm very comfortable with reading code, understanding the logic and using a programming language. I want to get serious about this but I need your help.

I've tried a couple of languages so far (VB.NET, C++, Java, Delphi) to see which one fits me better. I think Java does the trick so I started reading books on Java. The problem I'm having is not the with language so much (I need experience of course) but more on how to make a project work. I've read O'Reilly Head First OO Analysis & Design which was a great book and helped me a lot but I need more. I need a way to organize everything in my head on how to start, design and deploy an app and write proper OO code. Do you have anything in mind that could help me? Books, sites anything... I think i need more of a theoretic approach and learn software engineering, design analysis and stuff like that but I would like an opinion from someone who is far more experienced than me...

Thanks for your time :)