Hello all.

I'm currently at uni (part-time) doing computer science. I've been learning how to program for a few years now (C/C++/Java/Scala) and I've always been thinking, do I have what its takes to become a programmer. I've wrote simple programs ranging from a simple theremin, drum machine, music sequencer, a threaded web server and some other useless applications for university.

I class myself as being a technical minded person. I'm currently working in electronics at a college and I've always been interested in anything technical since I was a kid (ages 4-5 seriously). I enjoy learning design patterns too.

But the only thing I tend to find difficult implementing are data structures and sort and searching algorithms. I know what they are, and when to use them, but I tend to rely on the classes already built into the java/C++ (STL) languages.

I'm currently 24, and I've got two more years at uni. I'm hoping to become a full time programmer, but I dunno if what the expectations are in becoming a programmer.

Any hints please?