Hello Friends,

I need opinions on my situation I'm having. I am a software engineer graduate that will complete his master's this semester in computer engineering. I will interview with company X in a few weeks in the U.S. The company wants to move their AS400 applications to a web based system. I basically need a way to impress them and I was thinking something along the lines of using my software engineering skills to develop an architecture for how the project will start. At the moment the company is hiring new personnel to the project. I was wondering if anyone out there has similar experience on this matter. It doesn't have to be AS400. I was just basically looking into how anyone moved applications that directly communicate with a server and moved them to web based apps where applets or servlets.
I will need to brush up on my Java applet and servlet skills since the last time I took a course was my undergraduate years. Are there any technologies I should focus on? Here is a list of the partial requirements of the system:

-The system will provide web applications that interface with the AS400.
-The system will handle 1000+ users
-The system will provide a safe fail mechanism that will allow it to function during hardware malfunction
-The system will provide a user friendly interface that will allow non-technical users to use the system
-Adding a new application to the system will easily need to be done without taking the system down

I have a few ideas but I don't want to spend the next 3 hours typing it. Not when I have a classes and a thesis to write :)

Opinions on Java technologies or method to implement this system is helpful along with links to resources I should cover before this interview.