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    Default Quick Question for java with jobs :(

    im gonna migrate here in america, im in south carolina this january 2k11,
    to be direct to the point my question is whats the chance of me getting a job
    with no bachelor degree @ java,

    In ph(my current country), i finish Finance(4years), and take a short course about basic java(about 1 1/2 months)

    i really love coding and the stuffs in java, right now im reading books..
    its really an upset for me tking finance, over java, :mad:


    is there a chance to get a job, coz i find on the online job search that their requiremnts is to have a 4 year bachelor degree about java :)

    appreciate replies and tips :) thanks:)

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    The computer science market is pretty competitive. You might be able to find a job without any credentials, but probably not. If I were in your situation I would take the Java certification exams and put together a portfolio of projects you've written that you can showcase to potential employers. In particular, if you put a project together that's relevant to specific employers, it will highlight not only your skill, but also your attitude. Also, go ahead and enroll in a computer science program. Lot's of companies will hire students.

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