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    Default Outsourcing everything?

    I'm a CompSci student in my third year of university, and am only 1.5 years away from graduation. I chose to pursue a career in development because a few years back, the IT industry was booming. Now all of a sudden I'm hearing all sorts of upsetting news about companies starting to outsource anything IT related to overseas. Why are people in our field being appreciated less and less? Why do they think it's worth compromising the quality of work all in the name of profit?

    The question that's been troubling me the most is this: is there even the slightest chance that I'll be able to land a permanent position in development or any other IT field without having to move to India and work temporary contracts for less? I was born in Canada, and this is where I want to stay and work.

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    Outsourcing is a money thing and therefore a management thing; I've tried to teach people from India some stuff but found out that it is very impolite to say "no" to your instructor or teacher, so questions such as "do you understand it?" are worthless. Outsourcing costs a lot of money too because those folks are very good at producing a lot of reports showing how busy they have been (each day!). Outsourcing will dispapear in the future but not only after it has done its damage. Outsourcing to Russia is a different thing; those folks are quite knowledgeable.

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    My advice is to seek employment with a defense related firm. Most of these are contractually prevented from outsourcing or hiring non-citizens.

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