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    Default Need Java career tips

    Hello all,

    I just got landed a job as an entry level java developer and I am interested in any pointers that would help me be successful in my new position. I know this post is a little lengthy but please bear with me as I am trying to explain how I got the job and what I will need to know.
    Let me tell you a little about how I sold myself on this position.
    First, I was asked, "Tell me what you know about Java?"
    Second, "What else do you know about databases?"
    Third, "Are there any projects you have completed?"
    There were many more questions but these were the main ones I was asked.
    Ok, now let me explain how I answered these questions.
    First, I was asked, "Tell me what you know about Java?"
    I must say I am surprised how they responded to my answers. All I told them was I learned a lot from the university in which many of the projects needed to be developed in java. I explained some of the topics which are used in java. This includes:
    Inheritance, polymorphism, polymorphic arrays, hash tables, linear search, binary search, method overloading, overriding methods, abstract classes, jdbc, how to build a connection string, etc..
    As you can see I just rambled on about many of the topics used in java as well as many of the topics covered in C++.
    I also explained some differences between C++ and Java. For instance: no pointers in Java, and naming conventions.
    Yes these are all simple topics but it worked for me.
    Second, "What else do you know about databases?"
    Third, "Are there any projects you have completed?"
    These questions were a little easier for me considering I have learned the basics quite well. I explained in detail how to normalize a database to third normal form. I was then asked to about some projects I created in school and demonstrate on a drawing board how I normalized my project and what tools of the trade I used for the project. Basically, I was put on the spot and was very nervous, but I continued to press on nervously by identifying the attributes and tables needed. Next, I created the relationships between the tables using the crow’s foot method. I then explained how I further broke the tables down from 1NF to 2NF and finally 3NF. Finally, I ended with what tools I used to build my database such as MySQL, Java, and JDBC.
    I know it’s not perfect but I just gave it my best and brought up anything I remembered at the time being. I also told them that I was a serious code junky and this was my passion.

    Wheeew! Now, after all that, I was not very happy with myself but I received an offer and would like to pursue this career.
    I was told I need to know some stuff about Oracle “Which I knew a little from college”, PHP, and JSP.
    Given, with all that I have explained and what I know vs doing this professionally, what kind of tips could someone give me on becoming successful in this career?
    The only job details I have for now is: I will be using a lot of oracle, MySQL, java, JSP, PHP and I will be modifying, creating, updating current software in your typical manufacturing business world.
    I have never done this professionally but am looking forward to the challenge and losing a lot of hair in the process. LOL!

    Oh, and by the way I also told them that I have an Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming and currently a senior at my college and fixing to graduate. (Just in case you are wondering, yes all of the information I gave was a true statement!)

    Anyways By for now!

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    Don't you think the geographical location and the industrial sector you work in are relevant? I bet the answers vary quite a lot if you compare between automotive in Nepal and health care in the USA.
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    Yes, you are quite right my friend.

    USA Aerospace technology manufacturing

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