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    Smile Need help for JAVA AI project


    For somebody who wants to expand their Java capacities:

    I myself am very beginner to Java, but am busy with a great project and can do with some technical help.

    My project is to write a "self learning" "almost perfect" small board (7x7) Go-bot

    Go is currently the main subject area for AI (although that is mostly for bigger boards) so we will be at the fringe of it.

    It will be an investigation in AI but also in Go theory. (lot of theories but this project can give proofs)

    my ideas for the Gobot include database creation, (storing games, positions ed) in and out streams (to contact other bots. and learning routines. (still a big problem) a user interface (but that is allready available from other sources)

    Most code can be copied from other opensource software. But some software parts just don't exsist yet. (but i have some idea how to solve the problems)

    As with all experinental programming succes is not garanteed, but if we have succes i guess we can get published in a major AI journals or at least in the ICGA- journal. (an academic journal specialised in computer mind sports)

    It will all be open-source and you will be free to use it as whatever.
    Unfortunedly no money (except maybe a cup of coffee), but lot of sweat, and maybe some fun.

    If this sound like something you would like to do send me a pm.

    I would like somebody who is well versed in Java, Java db, JDBC , SQL and streams.

    I myslef have some experience with Go, sgf, (standard go file) gtp (standard go bot protocol) and other more go theoretical questions

    Preferable somebody in London UK but we can always talk via email.

    Hope to hear from you
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