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    Default Good real world practice

    I've been using java for about a year now. I've created 2d games, as well as a chat client for me and my friends to use in school. However, I want to begin to get real-world experience.

    What I'm looking for is a good FOSS project which I can contribute to. Ideally it should be something that is similar the type of stuff a java programmer might be hired for.
    I know that there are tons of different things which you can do with java, but my experience is limited to games. I just don't see me in the future starting a career developing games in java.

    I'm interested in pretty much anything which may be applicable to the software industry.

    Thank you for your time and ideas,

    Mr. Beans

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    Actually there are lots of open source developments are take place in Java around the world. So you can find one of them and involve. SourceForge is on of the such great place I know. Here is the link. Find and Develop Open-Source Software

    And also if you search on the web you can find some kind of societies who involves with Java developments. Join one of them, and you'll find lots of opportunities there as well. Unfortunately I'm not a member of any, so I've no better reference for you.

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