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    Default Looking for a project to work on - I am a noob tho


    I am a noob in Java. I do think I can learn fast and that is why I wonder if theres anyone who needs help on a "open source" or a "free", "hobby" project that isn't really complicated but also not really easy.

    I think I could learn more Java if I had to do something with it and focus on one area (I/O, threads, GUI...) and not just have a giant list of tutorials and not knowing where to start and going from the beginnig to the end seems like a lifetime and I dont really have that much time. For example if you focus on playing professional soccer you cant also focus on playing professional basketball. I think its the same with Java, if I and also other people only focus on one thing for now it would be much faster to learn. And theres also other things that need collaboration with the things you focus on so you really get the whole package in some time. At least thats how I see it.

    So if anyone wants help on something that is not too complicated to learn for a noob I'd be glad to help and learn. :)

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    I'm also a noob. I wouldn't mind working on an open source project with you. My main interests include game development. However I would be open to anything. I have very limited experience in networking would like to explore that field as well if possible.

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    Write me a PM. Our PJIRC team searches for people for the open source project further development

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    Greetings, i'm a noob in java. i've seen you post this message "Write me a PM. Our PJIRC team searches for people for the open source project further " with that i'm hoping you coud give me a little job to further increase my knowledge. i was able to do web database application wherein i use web browser for user interface, servlet to process http request, jsp for http response and postgresql for my database. tnx :D

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    If anyone is still looking at this thread, sign me up for these ideas. I know the basics (and probably more), but I don't know what to do with it all. I am tired of making calculators and doing book tutorials, but I'm not sure how to jump into open-source. Just send me a PM!! I am willing and WANT to learn anything I don't know!! I have a lot of time on my hands that I feel should be spent making useful Java programs!

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