Hello everyone,

Currently, I am looking for an IT job. My primary language is Cobol (I have over 16 years of experience), and my number 2 language is Java (about 4 years). I do realize that my chances of getting a Java job is much higher than ones of getting a Cobol job, and that's why I am trying to make my resume more "Javacentric", so to speak.

This is what I am planning to write in my resume regarding my Java experience:

"Developed, implemented, maintained, analyzed and supported an application system “Reorg Optional Offers”, which allowed investment brokers to view offers and directly enter client participation instructions for eligible accounts from their workstations. Also, the brokers had access to offer-related information and offer-related functions such as quick links to the intranet news stories for a particular offer. This fairly complex application system contained more than 100 Java classes and involved a lot of GUI, which necessitated extensive use of Swing. In order to retrieve and update the relevant data, SQL instructions were sent to an Oracle database via JDBC."

Does this sound about right? What what you recommend I modify/delete/add?

I also have some limited experience with JSP pages, HTML and XML -- how exactly should I add this to the resume? Under "Languages"? or "Tools"?

Thank you very much.